Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Go Walkman!

Started watching '1 litre of tears'.
Trust me, I wasn't very excited. What kept me on was that my friend, cucumber looks like the lead male character.
(Fine, whatever excuse I use, I'm still sucked in the commercialised world of Japanese Drama. Hooooo! )
I think the whole purpose of this drama is to make the audience cry. You know, 'based on a true story' kind of stuff. Apparently almost everyone who's seen it told me it's a tear building drama. What, you really going to produce 1 litre of tears meh?
No, I will not cry. I'm at episode 9 so far. Haven't cried yet. Screw you, producers! Is that all you've got? Bring it on!
Meanwhile, this is my everyday conversation with X, who's sucked in the drama as well:

Me: Oh! Oh! Oh! New girl is HOT!
X: What, the one on the wheelchair?
Me: Yea, the one in the special school.
X: Haha. Your type.
Me: Yea, if she can talk normally.
X: Walkman got Style! Yao Yeng!
Me: Walkman Yeng!
Both: Hahahahah!

I think we have both entered the world of EFR. Escape From Reality, when we find fictional stuff more reliable than real life.