Sunday, July 23, 2006

Yup, all they need is a face

It's been exactly a month since I've left from Melbourne to KL to London to KL to Melbourne to Sydney to Melbourne.
Now I feel extremely detached from everything around me. I guess, once uni starts everything will be fine.
Wait, uni starts Monday??!!
Anyway, yea, after waiting for my lugguage, I walked out of the gate, got on a cab, told him the address.

Cab driver: Swanston Street. Right. So, which exit should I take?

You know you can't feel your balls when the cab driver's never heard of Swanston Street. Or Uni Melbourne.
I was like, 'how the FUCK would I know? Do I look like a cab driver? Wait, that's YOUR god damn job!'
Then he started explaining that he's new and only started for a week and so and so. Pfft, so what? It's still your freakin' job!
But then I felt sorry. Maybe he has a PhD in aeronautical physics from India and life's just being tough.
In the end we took the only route he knew to the city and I had to direct him back to my own place.
Just let me say this once: Stupid Indian taxi drivers...