Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Can't believe I'm saying this

My first MIFF ever. That word sounds suggestive. MIFF. mmm.

Yea, I'm actually thinking of doing architecture. Again.
Fine, maybe it's just a sudden infatuation after watching this documentary about Frank Gehry, the master architect who I think is as old as Chancellor Palpatine from Star Wars.
My first ever Melbourne International Film Festival movie, that was. A sudden decision too, when Justin invited me along.
We went to the Capitol Theatre and saw the Marthafocking long queue. And in a 'destiny' kind of a way, this guy offered to sell me a ticket because his girlfriend couldn't make it.
But yea, if it inspired me to do architecture (again), I can imagine the impact on archi students themselves.
Or maybe, because I'm watching from outside the circle, it's more difficult for me to spot the cock and bull.
But, compared to the Louis Kahn documentary I watched 2 years ago (also with Justin), this one made me feel more insignificant.
Suddenly I have this strong urge to do something that's more helpful or important to mankind. But then again, I know I'll worry about that pimple on my back more than the poverty in South Africa or the pandas that are dying from sexual deprivation.