Friday, August 18, 2006

Ex IHers hear hear

This is another post-symphony conversation.
Parky and I were reminiscing the good old days in IH when everyone really wanted to do something for college.
We heard that most IHers nowadays just want to be cool and will only do something that will contribute to their room points, non-existant sex appeal or coolness.
And then we had the proudest moment in the year.
Ok, if you're an IHer, listen closely. Now that we're out of IH, we can finally say this out loud and proud.
If you want to be cool, move out of IH.
Because the fact that you're there clearly states that you can't cope with life and just need friends and meals to be prepared for you.
Don't get me wrong, Parky and I totally agree that we chose to stay in college for the exact same reason.
Just that now that we're out of there, nothing can stop us from making fun of the fishes in the aquarium.