Friday, August 04, 2006

A joke that I cannot not share

A guy's having a serious gastric problem.
He went to seek help from Dr. Wong.
The fat doctor nodded, while creaking his chair he told our guy that it's quite serious, yet fear not, as it's his job to cure people.
All he need is to have a capsule stucked up his anus. 'Two times, and you're cured. But I warn you, the pain is unbearable.'
After saying that, the doctor ordered him to take off his pants while aiming the pill into his anus......
The doctor then handed him another pill, asking him to do the same thing 6 hours later. 'Buy some lubricant or peanut butter or WD40 if you can't get over the pain.'
6 hours later, the guy tried to squeeze the pill in. Half an hour later he's still trying: He just couldn't get the angle right.
He asked for his wife to help and she reluctantly agreed. One hand on his shoulders, the wife aimed for his anus...
'AAAAAAAAAAARGHHGH!' exploded the man.
'Oh my GOD, did I hurt you?' the wife panicked.
'Worst...' exhaled the man, 'I just remembered, when the doctor did it to me, he had two hands on my shoulders...'