Sunday, August 27, 2006

Life in Slow Motion

If you've read Murakami's books at any stage, you'd agree that sometimes he likes to dramatise the lead character's senses.
For example, sometimes the lead character can sense that something 'within' his body is slipping away. Or after visiting some places, some memories or experiences get left behind at that certain location.Very deep stuff. Like, what do you mean, life's slipping away? I can never relate to that part of his novels.

Until today.

I woke up with this big rock on my chest, metaphorically. And I really didn't feel like doing a single thing.
After having 3 weetbix's, I went back to bed and lied there for 5 hours lingering between reality and the world of 'uuuuurrgh'.
Maybe it was the dinner conversation about my love life, maybe it was the long conversation over the phone, the frustration of my soon to be doomed uni life, all the other things that I can never get a hold of. And then I thought, am I just being a pussy?
Whatever the reason, I had to get up because my bowels informed me that I desperately needed to take a dump.