Saturday, August 12, 2006

Macro or Micro

I was having this conversation about homosexuals with my coursemates a couple of weeks ago. Don't ask how.
You know, the 'you know who' is a homosexual but someone else saw the 'you know what' at 'you know where'.
So anyway, the topic of bi-sexuals came up.
On the spot I came up with this theory that, bi-sexuals are the most worthless, pathetic losers of them all.
If you're straight, cool, you're going after the opposite sex. If you're gay, cool, you're going after the same sex. Straight or not, you choose a side. You have a stand.
I do not believe, ever, that a person's born bi-sexual. Bi's are just people who can't cope with either side of their sexuality.
They're afraid that they might fail being straight OR gay. Hence they invented their own sexuality. 'Oh, I fling both ways'.
Why don't you go have a sex change and be an earthworm? Get a pair of breasts/balls and you're locked, stocked and ready to roll.
Life's not like that. It's like saying 'Oh, I'm a Muslim, but I can eat pork because I'm a Christian too.'
Which brought me to the next question: So were there demands for straight people to turn bi because of the overwhelming supply of gays? Or simply the other way round? Gays just can't get their own kind and went: Fuck it I'll sleep with a straight if I have to.