Tuesday, August 22, 2006

She that should not be named

Fine, so I've met her.
Bumping into ther was a result of 'avoiding bumping into her' went wrong. It's when your sources aren't keeping you well informed.
In the end, it was an agreement that we should talk.

Actually, I had no idea what's there to talk about.
I just wanted to do that so that I can ask the people who kept asking me 'so have you met her?' or 'what are you doing to do when you see her?' or 'OMG I JUST SAW HER!' to fuck off.

The whole process felt like an S-level anger management class: You telling yourself to keep calm all the time.
It was bizarre: sitting across you was the person that screwed your life upside down, but then you can't deny that your life's been better, if not fantabulous without her.
That's the whole process of meeting up with ex's: to confirm and make sure that your life has been 'very good' without each other.
And I like the calling for help thing. Every once in a while there'll be phone calls to make sure she's still in one piece.
Because I'm the one that's done wrong and might be dealing more damage than ever before? Well ladeedadeeda.
Nothing can change what has happened. And I guess nothing will change from now on. All I've got was a concrete sense that everything really took place. It's like you know shit happened, but you got to really smell the shit up close.

But wait, more bizarre news to come.

My primary ex-girlfriend, You know, those puppy love 'oh my pinky's the same length as yours we must be soul mate' kind, has won a beauty pagaent competition.
Even my mom knows about it. Actually, she's the one that told me about it. 'page 24 on SCJP'. Wow, mothers. They won't care about the documents you ask them to send, but they will tell you when your friend's won a beauty contest.
And I don't even recognise her on the picture (middle)! She didn't look like the 11 year old that I used to know! (duh)
I guess I'm still entitled to say 'Oh I used to exchange letters and hit on a Miss Beauty Pagaent'. Tee hee.

Update: Wah apparently there's a streaming video too. I know the page is in Chinese, but it's pretty straight forward. No wonder I'm dissatisfied with girls. The first girl I liked is a Miss Chinese Malaysia! Grumble.