Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A 7-11 of superstars

Uchoten means 'ecstasy' apparently.

I've waited for this DVD for 8 months.
This movie is written and directed by Koki Mitani, who gave us 'Welcome back Mr. McDonald' and 'Everybody's house'.
He is like the interesting version of Ozu and Hou-HsiaoHsien: long, chronological shots but extremely entertaining.
That's the word: Entertaining.
Don't expect it to be an epic, auteur kind of movie (although I think he is an auteur by himself) but this is as good as modern Japanese cinema gets: Everyone leaves with a smile.
I'm not even sure who I am writing this for, because, all my Japanese friends'd have watched it; my close friends'd probably end up borrowing the DVD from me; and my not so close friends won't give a damn; my enemies, well, fuck off.
I'm starting to get attracted by YOU's mickey mouse-like voice. I hated her as the child abandoning mother in 'Nobody Knows', but her closing act was pretty adorable. Wait, isn't she 40 or something? SO? What's wrong with mature women?
Anyway, watch this, excellent cast yadda yadda, it smashed all the box office record, great story. Did I say it has a great story?
Well, it started with