Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Corrs was pretty gay

Was discussing with Lummie about her best dream ever, which, consists of certain celebrities as her boyfriends.
How come I never have dreams with ANY supermodels as my girlfriends? Hell forbid what I'll do though.
I once had a dream diary. It's not pink and fluffy with a lock, just an A4 pad with what I could remember first thing I woke up.
So normally they're just some sentences, or scenarios.
Yet surprisingly, I could recall all the dreams having those reminders as notes. When I read 'flying on opened car trunk filled with blood', I can sort of remember the texture of the trunk and the landmarks I flew past and the people I was with.
.....or maybe I should just take my medication.
I stopped writing about my dreams because I realised they're more interesting than my life in reality.
If you read about any news concerning a bloody car trunk in the future, it wasn't me. We clear? Good.