Monday, September 11, 2006

A day of old friends

Woke up this morning receiving an email from Riyo saying that she's arrived Beijing in one piece and kicking.
Somehow, this pang of guilt hit me. How can I not have been to China when even my Japanese friends are study-touring there?
The worst part, I think, is that I've been to Japan and Taiwan, but not China. Hell, I probably know less about its geography than Parky. Then again, Parky just wants to marry asian chicks.
You know, like those sitcoms when the father decided to marry a 3rd wife after the 2nd wife's got abused and tortured and the teenage son decided to run away from home? China is like the home, and I the teenage son who ran away.
And the plot goes to 20 years later when the father and wives are all dead, their other sons contact the now grown up son.
The son's just too guilty to go back although the family's completely changed and he'll always be a part of the family.
I don't know much about my so called country of origin. I know that's where my grandfather came from, but somehow when I think grandpa I think Colonel Sanders.
Sometimes it sickens me to realise that I'm just like a Nike shoe: We're all in a way made in China, but claiming that we're not.
I guess this means I can get away with insulting both Japan and China. They're the same thing anyway.

P/S: Added links to Mr. John from Jakarta and Mr. Crazy to my Ivy League, which isn't much to start with.