Monday, September 25, 2006

Do you go to bed at night?

It's been happening quite frequently.
I spend a whole day counting the seconds away, walking around, waiting for night time to come so I could sleep.
And then wee before bedtime, I clicked on some random site which leads to another less random site which leads to an 'ok' website to a design site, which leads to a site like the top 10 Japanese designer review by The Japan Times.
And then instead of sleeping, I'll spend the night(morning) away awe strucked by inspiration, fear, and my own insignificance.
And what follows is a major update on my 1+1 list on the right. Most of them will be about, duh, Japanese designers. I've short listed my favourite 4 (3 actually, Yoshioka was up just because he designed the Issey Miyake TO watch) so definitely have some balls at these state of the art websites.
Notice how everyone's using simple white background? I had a similar idea for my end of the year exhibition too.
Now it'd look like I've ripped them all off.
I so want to be a designer that doesn't suck but what do I know, I'm just a uni student.