Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Educational section, hey?

It's one of those strange habits of mine.
Whenever I'm in one of those group dinners with tables long enough to hold the last supper, I start tidying my wallet.
So yesterday I found this Borders 15% discount voucher that would've been expired by 11pm. The time was 10.40pm.
As 'hardworking' as you'd think Asians are, you'd never see a single one of them in Borders at 10.45pm on a Sunday night.
In fact, the only place you'd see Asians study out of the library during night time would probably be at Starbucks.
But hey, don't get me wrong. The white people who stayed at Borders then weren't reading books. Most of them were making out. Even the staffs were trying to pick each other up.
I guess, I'm just trying to cover up that I dashed there focusing on the 15% I could save and not the rest that I'd spend.
And it's strange how I started off intending to buy 'How to Kill your Husband' but ended up with Ryu Murakami's '69'.