Wednesday, September 27, 2006

From fish to terrorism

A night in 313A: Omar making Parky a tuna sandwich singing 'freedom~' to the Michael Jackson 'beat it' tune.
I've always thought that the context of 'beat it' was about masturbation, but Omar and Parky disagreed.
Then Parky commented how the sandwich's mayonnaise was dripping and the bread was 'beating it' to his hands.
I really will miss these conversations . Even if I do get to Hong Kong, I'll never be able to talk about 'beat it' in the open.
Once again, they begged to differ. And I started singing 'beat it' in Cantonese. ' Da Fey Gay! 打飞机!' (Da Fey Gay = Hit the plane. Don't ask me why HK relate masturbation to that.)
And then we realised masturbation in Cantonese brings a total different meaning to the mid eastern countries now.
I came back with my own tuna sandwich.