Friday, September 29, 2006

If I were a rich man

While I was shopping in that Asian DVD shop along Bourke and Russell, this tiny man walked in the store.
He looked pretty Chinese to me at first, but then he parted his lips and started talking to the sales girl.
That, was the HEAVIEST Aussie accent ever.
He asked if the shop sells Anime, he was looking for Dragon Ball Z. I heard myself giving a snort through my nose.
Dragon Ball was like, 134 years ago, dude.
15 minutes later, I was in Footlockers looking at shoes. The same guy walked in and asked for that colorful Adidas walking shoes.
The lady asked for his size, he said ' I don't know. Sorry for my small feet', which invited a long awkward silence in the shop.
As usual, I started making up a story for this little fella.
Maybe he's a typical Aussie bloke, who made a wish to the tooth fairy to be an Asian the night before.
'Golly, I want to be tiny and be able to watch Anime with lightning fast action and buy colourful shoes!'
That, or he just escaped from Tasmania.