Friday, September 01, 2006

Musique dansante

Ouui? Oouui? Oui.

Since people have been asking me about them, Putumayo world music is a label that sells, well, world music.
I think I bought a Bossa Nova CD when the Putumayo craze caught up a few years ago. It was just a novelty thing.
But this CD, I stumbled across by chance.
I walked passed the CD section in Borders, I saw the CD on the rack, and I went 'Oh, a French Chanson album.'
I scanned the barcode, listened to the first track, and decided to buy it. It's like a cheap, instant fling, but with a CD.
It's very Bossa Nova, just that it's in French. So you can impress girls by saying that you listen to French Chanson and when they ask you what's that you can say it's like Bossa Nova but it's in French and they'll ask you what's Bossa Nova and by that time you'd already have like 5 minutes conversation time with a girl which you normally won't. Or you can just listen and enjoy.