Monday, September 25, 2006

The orange one actually tastes good

Figure 1. Subject might not be up to scale.

In marketing terms, I'm considered under the demographic target market for Warner Lambert's mouthwash product.

In short, I use Listerine.
Like any other consumers, I buy my Listerine from a supermarket. In fact, I've just done that 2 hours ago.
Is it just me, or is the 1L bottle range just a bit too intimidating? Like, there're the 300ml, 500ml, and whoosh, the giant 1L bottle.
I'm aware that I use it daily and the 3 dollar I can save. I probably do gargle more than a litre of this antiseptic mouthwash a year, yet I really can't put my feet down to take it off the shelf.
It's just a mental thing. If I buy the 1L package, I'd end up drinking it. Simply because, my mind is programmed to drink from a big, transparent bottle. Similar theory, I wouldn't drink from a bottle less than 200ml. It'd feel like taking poison or medication.
That's why I can't understand girls showing up in class with a nudie bottle. I mean, what's the point? Observe figure 1 closely.
You'd probably produce more salivas than that tiny bottle of juice or wachamacall it. It's less than a mouth full of water.

p/s: on a totally unrelated note, I realised I've bought a conditioner instead of shampoo from the supermarket.