Thursday, September 21, 2006

Yo Pablo

See if you can find a mule in it.

Sketch title: My trip to a Picasso exhibition.
The first impression you get from Picasso will probably be the same like my dad's:

Stupid 3 year old drawing, waste my money $%^&$#@

But then, if you slowly walk through the galleries in NGV, you'll probably pick up some non '3 year old' aspects in his work.
You listen to other people's discussion 'oooh, I like the colour', 'aww, look at that composition', ' Mom, I feel hungry' etc and you'll probably nod to it and think of them as interesting.
Prolong that for another 2 hours of the same thing you'll end up with the conclusion:

Stupid 3 year old drawing, waste my money $%^&$#@

Yet I'll still encourage you to go. How many times will you be able to see Picasso in Melbourne? What? You're not artsy enough?

Look, 95% of the people in there have no fucking clue about Picasso's work. They don't even know Dora Maar was his lover (Fine, that was me). Just go and have a fun time trying to see guys trying super hard to impress some chicks, or vice versa. It's fun.
Exhibition ends 8th October.