Thursday, October 19, 2006

After all that

I just remembered something that I told myself to remember to blog:

Never look at the watch while you're on a 10 hour flight.
It's like attempting to look down while you're walking on a tight rope 50 metres above ground wearing tight shorts.

" Don't look down, Joe, keep walking Joe, Don't look - ARRGH! It's only been 4 hours? I'm stuck here for another 6?? Aaaaargh - "

And I realised there were no pretty girls in Hong Kong. I don't know, maybe I've been staying at the ugly side of the island.
It was pretty depressing.

Also, I'd need get used to 2nd hand smoke. Everyone in my team smokes except for me and this other guy.
The Thai creative director: What's wrong with young people nowadays? They don't smoke anymore.
Eventually I'll get lured to the dark side, I hope not. The dilemma: to kill myself, or to to kill others?