Friday, October 20, 2006

Anonymous eh?

I'm not sure if you have it else where.
In RMIT, they give out survey forms prior to the end of semester, asking for the students' opinions to 'improve' the programs.
What's the point, really?
It's like saying 'hey, we know we fucked up, give us some suggestion anyway. We can improve, but not for you. Sorry.'
So in the end they're going to feed all the surveys in a giant computer and it will tell them if it's a good program or not.
Survey is the worst way of research, because, how can you be sure that people will answer the questions honestly?
I didn't. I never had the heart to agree or disagree strongly with any of the questions. I just choose 'I don't know'.
And do you think they will really take my comment 'Get MORE beautiful lecturers to teach' seriously?
Then why bother?