Sunday, October 01, 2006

Global Warning

The Martians' troubled neighbour.

I don't deny I tend to expect more from Wong Kar Wai, Tarantino, David Fincher or even Koko Mitani before I watch their movies.
Truth is, we judge a movie before we watch it.
Through the trailers and posters, we 've already made up our minds whether it is a good movie or not.

So when there's a documentary about global warming by the then-future president of United States, you kinda pay attention.
Well, I saw the trailer first. And frankly, what interested me was to see how Al Gore present the whole damn thing.
In fact, I urge all of you to watch it for the presentation skill.
How he just presented facts after statistics and charts, how he got Matt Groening to make a short clip, how he woo you with breathtaking yet sad pictures of global disasters.
There's no propaganda (maybe some bitter aftertaste of his failed election), even if there is one, it was to propagate mother earth.
And you can never argue with that.
Fuck it even if it is a political tool. Fuck it even if it's all documented from HIS point of view. You can't say 'I hate Gore, so I'm gonna go against him and burn more trees.'
I believe in his 'story' if you want to call it that way, like I said, I've been sold before I walked into the cinema, which sadly consisted of only 3 people, including me. So I guess I'm doing the least I can do: bit torrent it, get the pirated DVD if you want, just watch it.

p/s: It was interesting to see how the audience squirm in their seats when Al said that Australia, being the other developed nation other than the U.S., has NOT ratified the Kyoto Protocol.