Friday, October 20, 2006

Mariana Trench

Also, escalators in Hong Kong are really fast. Probably faster than my running pace. Ok, poor comparison.
Upon returning from Safeway I took the escalator in Lygon Court. That's when I thought of the ones in HK.
Anyway, I saw this girl wearing a really low cut jeans. (Hey, the escalator was REALLY slow okay?)
I don't know about you. Although I've been living in this sexually overcharged country for 4 years, I'm still pretty, not open.
For example, when I see an ass crack, I really feel like shouting: ASS CRAAAAAAACK! ASS CRACCCKK!!
I felt like going up to the girl and ask her if I could swipe my debit card through the crack and have some cash out.
But of course, reality got to me and I walked into Borders instead. One day, I'll do that. One day.