Friday, October 06, 2006

Out of the circle

For the past 2 years I was mentally prepared to stay in Melbourne after graduation, but everytime I approach this permanent residency thing, I feel disgusted of the immigration system, of the documentation, of the rules that change every 3 weeks.
I loathe every moment whenever there's a gathering of 'soon to be graduating' friends, all they'll ever talk about are points, points, relationships, and points, about the fact that they want to stay in Australia just because they don't want to go home, not because they like the country. You can smell fear, and desperation.
In Chris Rock's words, it's like asking the uncle that molested you during high school to pay your tuition fees.
The night I decided to screw Australian PR and accept the job in HK, I felt fucking terrified, yet liberated as well.

Most people are questioning my enthusiasm towards going to HK. Yes, I'm excited, but other doors are being shut as well.
Gone are all the maybe's, the perhap's, the what if's, the wouldn't it be nice. The dreams of being a photographer, director, painter, and an English speaking mayor, vanished like a magician's bunny.
In a few months time, I'll be officially an ad man.
That's what I hate about being a Chinese: I keep thinking about the lost. About the closed doors, about the thing I'll be missing.
White people will just be pissing positive juices on themselves charging towards what they want and not looking back.
That, I need to learn.