Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A schizo in Tin Hao

Things that made me said: Shit.
I left for the agency at 10am and returned at 8.48pm.
Was dragged to a meeting with a bunch of executives to pitch an ad for some telecommunication company.

I mounted the print ads. To be precise, I trimmed them so that it could be spray glued, then mounted.
The creative director asked me to do some quick sketch for a 5 second 'tag 'on' for some shampoo commercial.
My contract is nowhere to be seen. I am definitely sure I'm hired(?) for my English speaking skill. I'm expected to return tomorrow.
Phrase of the day from the director: In average you need to make one to two thousand rubbish to produce an award winning ad.
HK is infected by Croc shoes as well.

North Korea has gone nuclear.

Nevertheless, the good bits:
The creative director paid for my lunch aka curry chicken on rice with milk tea. They paid for the taxi trip as well.
Got to see the yet to be released mobile phones during the meeting. Plus the directors thought I was someone important since I did jack shit and sat there smiling.
Question of the day from a copywriter: So where do you buy porn in university? Which I replied 'we use the internet'.
Had really good dessert near Tin Hao Station. Thanks Linda. ( It's called Jing Jing. Approx. 7 minutes walk.)
Bought curry fishballs beside the road, which came on a stick and finishing them while I walked to the traffic lights.
HK traffic light buttons are touch sensitive.
Most of the Croc shoes are florescent green in colour.

North Korea has gone nuclear.