Monday, October 30, 2006

The Showgirl Tour

On the way home from dinner, the radio was playing Kylie's 'Love at First Sight'. Lynnie and I started talking:

Lynnie: I love Kylie!
Harvard: Uhuh. (Everything went from wrong to right...)
Lynnie: My cousins got tickets to her concert. They actually gave away one! But it's ok. They didn't know I was a Kylie fan..
Harvard: Wait, didn't she suffer from breast cancer?
Lynnie: Yea, but she recovered. (jerks her head in a 'unn unn sugar' kinda way. Ya know, like Beyonce from Goldmember?)
Harvard: I know, I know. But she's been out of the circle for a year, right? What's she going to sing with?
Lynnie: Two breasts.

And I started laughing.
I meant what songs will Kylie be singing to since she hasn't had any new songs released for the last year.

Just that she used a 'matter of fact' tone to reply my question. Maybe it was a 'you had to be there' kind of a moment.