Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A state of obvious

Things that made us went tee hee and HAHAHA:
Wait, what's this? Who're you? Charlene typing here while her elbow rests on Harvard's back oh the eroticism of flirting touch which dissipates ephemerally into the air.
Sorry, was interrupted by an abrupt guest. Ahem, where was I? Yes, me and Parky's 'tee hee's and 'HAHA's:
16 May 1973, films topping Hollyword box-office: Deep Thrust - The Hand of Death and Five Fingers of Death.
If that's not porno enough, later America saw the release of Deadly China Doll, Fists of the Double K, and Seven Blows of the Dragon.
Ok, out of the context of porno movie titles, there was also
The One-Armed Boxer vs. the Flying Guillotine.
Why do Chinese flicks' names have to be so... literal and explicit? It sounds so... vulgar and less appealing.
Imagine Hollywood doing the same thing:

Big Ship Sinks - Titanic
The Retard - Forrest Gump
The Retarded Brother - Rainman
Battle of Colourful Swords - Starwars
What The Fuck? - The Matrix
Big Flying Rock - Armageddon
Little Boy Who Couldn't Get Over His Parents' Dead & Became A Crazy Clown With Wings - Batman Begins
Freaks! - X-Men
Shooting Man - 007
Snakes on a plane - Snakes on a plane

And the list goes on. Which brings me to a point: Have you seen a movie which the title has absolutely NOTHING to do with the movie? Drop me a comment on that.