Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What the-?

The guy on the top right corner.

Was having lunch with Veron, my course mate.
She asked if I know there's a rock star in our course. I thought she was joking and played along. Yea sure, uhuh, definitely.
Then she kept going on about how his band is topping charts in Sri Lanka and he's always surrounded in Uni.
What? It's actually true? I stopped eating. I thought it's just normal for a group of Sri Lankan's to hang around uni.
So there you go. Kumkum is the rhythmic guitarist of the group Soul Skinner, the hottest rock group ever existed in Colombo.
At least that's what I'm told.
And he's my course mate. This is bizarre. Some girls/guys are selling cracks to get tickets to see him in his concert next year.
I just sat in the computer lab and gave him a nod this morning.