Friday, November 03, 2006

3 months of shit for this?

Hope to see you there.

So I was writing my essay on Wong Kar-Wai at 3am in the morning, having the biggest trouble looking for my reference.
Everything was in my head; everything was on the floor. While I was flipping through pages of reading material with my paper-cut fingers for the word 'China', I realised that was the last essay I'll ever write in my entire life. Yesterday I had my final presentation in university: I'm witnessing the slow death of my student life.
And then this morning we've picked up the posters and invitations of the graduate exhibition happening soon.
It's weird. But I never thought I'd actually feel an impact looking and touching the final product of my own design.
Maybe it's because of all the shit I've gone through just to come up with this theme/ design/ execution. Although on the scale it's way below getting nominated for D&AD or an offer from HK, I actually feel like I've achieved something.
Moral of the story: Never put too much effort into anything. It drastically lowers your standard of judgment.