Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm leaving Melbourne until she calms down

At some point of my life I've lost the ability to feel excited.
My brother's getting married on Sunday, yet I am not looking forward to it at all. X mentioned that I should be since I've got only one brother, and wedding is a once in a lifetime celebration.
I begged to differ. I cannot be sure that it's his ONLY wedding. In fact, who's to say that I won't have a second brother to come? (eeeww.)

You know how in movies they always say: "Oh? Today's my birthday? I've completely forgotten about it!" whenever they throw a surprise party? Yea, I always thought it's full on bullshit.
But today, if not for that someone who sent me an advanced birthday message(you know who you are), I'd have really forgotten about Saturday for that moment.
See what I'm talking about? The disability of excitement.
Or, maybe. Maybe I'm just pretending to be not excited so this reverse psychology thing will generate more care and concern.

Who do you think I am? A Singaporean?

This is either going to be the best wedding/worst birthday ever, or the worst wedding/ best birthday ever.

p/s: what is wrong with today's weather? I've never seen such a cloudy and windy day yet the thermostat said 36 degrees C. The wind is blowing nothing but heat and dirt, but I've seen 3 girls with 'upskirt' incident. Don't worry, they didn't see me. Can you imagine how awkward it'd be, realising that the wind's blown your skirt up and then finding out that someone just saw the whole thing? Geez.