Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The inconvenient truth

Ok, let's start with the conclusion:

I'm not going to Leo Burnett HK anymore.

Now that's established, it would be natural for you to ask the question: Why? Regine might go: BUT WHY??
This would take some time to explain (hence pardon my ignorance towards all the msn messages since yesterday evening):

I was assigned to a group in LB. The group has two creative directors. I shall call them cd A and cd B.
I received a call fro cd A yesterday saying my offer was withdrawn due to a 'policy freeze' of LBHK. In short, they can not hire anyone at the moment. But I'll be put into priority in case of change.
Of course his English was fucking monkey talk and I could only make out: You're fucked. Go suck a dick while you're at it. This is all a bunch of shit coming out of a bull's anus.

With a slight pain in the back I went home and chat with the art director in the same group through messenger.
I asked if he knew about the withdrawal of my offer. I had 2 minutes of silence, and then he told me: cd B wants to talk to you.

Cd B: ... listen. I'm as shocked as you are now. This morning cd A told me that you did not want the job anymore. That's why he's now in the process of hiring his ex-colleague. If you did not ask me about this. I'd still think you quit the job...... (MIND BLOCK)

So there you have it. There are 2 reasons of me not going to LBHK. The short one: The company's experiencing a 'policy freeze'.
And the shorter one: I got fucked.

I'm as disgusted as you are. But probably half as devastated as you imagined I'd be. Well, they're from Hong Kong. What do you expect? I saw that coming from the beginning.
The only consolation I got so far, is that I've got a free trip paid for, and some girls calling me again.
And yea, people do checkout each other's nick name. So to that chap who has: Cheap teapot for sale! on his nick. Don't give up!