Saturday, November 25, 2006

Maybe we are better than you

The interesting about home, is that your fancy English is useless if you can't convey the message.
As a ritual thing, I was queing up in the local McDonald's for the Halal fries. Personally I think they taste alright.
Then this girl with thick lips and blue mascara walked up to the cashier and said: Jily and Tohmado.
The cashier gave her packets of chili and tomato sauces.
Jily. and. Tohmado.
We've reached a stage which we've shorten the English language to increase the efficiency of communication.
There's no need for 'May I have some chili and tomato sauce, please?' That's like 9 words. Takes up too much time.
And the wonderful part is, the cashier understood what she wanted. The communication module worked.

And an insight to what's hot in Malaysia: