Monday, November 06, 2006

Ten reasons you should never run a marathon

Well, for me it's always 'lazy, lazy, lazy' from 1 till 10, some folks on stuff magazine actually compiled a pretty sophisticated list.
Here's my summary:

10. Without proper lubrication, your tshirt and shorts will irritate any body part they come in contact with.
9. The running community posing their religion to you. Their tips, their do's and don'ts, their PR's (personal records) etc.
8. A pair of good shoes aka Asics cost a bomb. Yea, don't forget the three figure application fee and lubes.
7. You have to wear short shorts to inflict the least irritation to your lower hemisphere. Frost bite during winter.
6. Icing-joints. This I don't get.
5. Refueling. Eating or sucking some sort of 'gel' during your run.
4. No beer. In my case, no KFC.
3. Your nipples bleed.
2. You basically run everyday to train.
1. See no.3? Replace 'nipples' with 'penis'.