Friday, December 29, 2006


You will get your face on 80% of the DVD cover as long as you get semi naked in 20% of the whole movie.

1996 was my first year in secondary school. I was 13.
It was also the same year George Clooney got something out of ER and became the lead character in this movie.
I never heard of this movie until someone mentioned breasts. Everyone said the movie(breasts) is good.
Just never bothered until the DVD was on sale.
The movie's sudden change of mood was a surprise. Always thought it was a 'Desperado' kind of bandit genre.
It was like Life is Beautiful, in a really fucked up way.
The thing about Quentin, is that he keeps getting credit for ripping other movies off because most viewers are ignorant.
It saddens me to realise this movie is 10 years old. And I'm talking about a 96 movie copying older movies, I sound like a grandpa.
I'm going to bed.