Saturday, December 23, 2006

2251 NSW

I'm currently at Davistown, Saratoga. It could be Port Dickson for all I care since it doesn't make any sense.
I just know it's somewhere in New South Wales.
And it's totally quiet. Not in a metaphorical way, I really feel as if all sound's been sucked out of this space.
Even back home in Klang I'd still get distant traffic noises, ambulance sirens, stray dogs, even the mosque.
This distant apartment in Sharapova, is really something. Dad's been saying that everyone's retired here and collecting pension.
I'm just wondering what I'm doing here.
Guilt's overridden me since I do not deserve such tranquility and vacuum. It's as if I've trespassed heaven.
White people, old age, annoying animals. Fits the description perfectly. Speaking of heaven, everyone should read what Mr. John's written. It's one of those things that makes me go 'yea I thought of that before' and sound like a complete wanker.

Also this holy peaceful place provides good place for story telling. My sister's been updating me on some of her physiotherapy cases.
Number one. A women weighing 180kg got wheeled in the hospital because she couldn't walk for more than 2 meters.
Remember that guy from Seven? Yea, it's not fake. What bothered me is that why couldn't she realise something's fucked when she was 130kg? She even has fucking asthma.
Nuuumber two. A guy went into the emergency room with a gerbil within his anus. Story of the week.