Monday, December 25, 2006

25+12+2006 = 2043

Asian Hitchcock.

Christmas came when I was halfway watching a witch summoning a dead man in this 1950 Kurosawa film.
I like it because it's a fresh alternative path away from his samurai fighting or country conquering epics.
Three men got caught in the rain, and they're just discussing a murder trial which two of them were a part of the hearing.
A feudal version of 12 angry men.
It's weird, how my sister has a tree in her apartment although we do not celebrate Christmas at all.
It's even weirder how she managed to buy and wrap gifts under the tree for the rest of the family.
I guess that beats getting drunk and picking up strangers in a crappy pub wearing funny hats and underwear.
Anyway, I got this:

When you have a full apartment of Ikea furniture to dismantle, it might not be absurd or funny at all.