Sunday, December 31, 2006

Diamond = 75 years.

After watching channel 10's presenter talking about 'resolutions' for a gazillion brazillian times. After the 9 o clock fireworks. After cooking the 2nd pack of instant noodles for the day. After getting irritated by the Optus ad for the Nth time. I've realised, at this point of my life, that there's clearly something wrong with me.
I'm staying home watching Groundhog's Day. (Which I must add, was better than I expected. For a moment there I fell in love with Andie McDowell. Like Four Weddings and a Funeral.)
I've made the decision not to go to the Opera House and squeeze with another 1 million people just for the fireworks.
And I've also figured out that even if I do go, I'd regret the decision and wish I were here, not going, which I did.
So why am I still feeling bored, and wished I'd gone, although clearly I didn't want to, and know that I'd regret if I do go?
I guess I'll just keep watching TV. And don't get too excited about 2007. The world's gonna end this time.