Thursday, December 21, 2006

Life of a bum in Sydney

Also have watched the last 4 episode of Survivor: Cook Island.

Was talking to Gina about spoilers.
You know, like saying Bruce Willis is a ghost in Sixth Sense, Brad Pitt is Edward Norton in Fight Club.
Oh, sorry if you haven't watched both.
Coincidentally X and I bought a Blade Runner: Director's Cut DVD 2 days ago. On the back of the cover we read that Harrison Ford might be a robot. And they've removed the uplifting finale.
They might as well print the whole story out.
Yea, spoilers suck. Yet what's worse is that how we want to know as much as possible when it comes to our own future.
No, I don't want to know the ending of the movie, but I'm going to this tarot card reader at 5 before dinner.
There's got to be a decent amount of people demanding palm reading, horoscope, crystal balls to allow an industry to function.
What's the point of knowing the spoiler of your own life?