Friday, December 22, 2006

So bizarre it's special

A good ad for long lasting chainsaw.

The release date for this movie was 1974.
At one stage X was saying: Wah, American girls in 1974 were already baring their backs wearing tube tops.
Yup, we're behind America by 30 years.
The screaming at the 2nd half of the movie got so annoying that I wished they could just finish the victims off.
What I like about 1970s movies, is that they didn't have space to leave for explanation. Things just happened.
A guy in a wheelchair rolled down the hill. That happens. Crazy hitchhiker slashed your wrist, that's fine, we'll keep going to that empty house. Fuel running low, yea that's normal.
Although I almost fell asleep towards the end. I didn't mind it. Since, I'm a social liability now and have nothing else to do.