Sunday, December 10, 2006

Thank you civilisation

Krispy Kreme openend in Melbourne Central.
I can see the managers in Sydney losing half of their business and the beginning of the end of the KK novelty.

Decided to apply for Permanent Residency.

I believe I blushed when my hot female doctor asked me to strip and lie on the examination bed during the health check. She sternly said 'Please leave your underwear on.' So I guess she's had some exposure problem prior to this.

Have been running in and out of post offices for the whole week. I'm starting to appreciate them.

Been eyeing for a new laptop. The black mac book seems very sexy. If I buy it I'll name her Naomi. Sandra's totally gone by the way.

I don't know. Maybe Tohm is right. Apart from posting some YouTube's and writing about my life (which I hate about the generic blogs) as if it's interesting as such which it is not, I haven't written any original thoughts for the past weeks.

Maybe this is some pre-graduation blues. Then again it's bullshit. RMIT's not a real uni. So this graduation isn't real.

This 'blues' must be fake as well.