Monday, December 18, 2006

We need Katamari

My impression of Sydney being the 4th time here.

My first day in Sydney, and I'm already engrossed in 2 video games. One's NFS Carbon, and the other Resident Evil 4.
Game makers make shit loads of money by letting us do what we can't do in real life. eg., shooting people in the head, and not paying police fines.
At one stage of my life I was really depressed that the gaming world is not the real world, and everything I believed in was just made up to make more money.
I guess it's better to have made up games of people beating up people rather than people actually being nice to people.
Humanity would be so depressing then.
'Woah, did you remember that part when the guy DID NOT kill the other guy? That was some cool shit!'
'Yea yea! And he said thank you! Wooaah!'