Friday, June 30, 2006

Gained 250 pounds

Yea, the global awards ceremony was yesterday.
And I got commendation.
Frankly, I deserve nothing more than that. I wanted to rip my work off the wall when I saw everyone else's work.
So yea, at least I got something. And everyone knew me because I was the only nominee from Australia, and... my name is special.
Like, seriously, all the staff knew my name. I bet they had a great time making fun of it while judging. Bleh.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Somewhere near zero degrees

Similar to Tokyo, I arrived in London with little amount of energy left in my eyes. That was before a 2 hour tube ride.
I don't know, I'm not THAT thrilled although I've been around a lot: Thames, Oxford St, Leicester Square, Chinatown, Kensington...
5 hour sleep over 48 hours.
Just fucking tired at the moment. Will chill out and sound more like an excited student visiting London the first time. Soon.
God, look at my eye bags.

Monday, June 26, 2006



嗯,本来是想介绍他的新书。 写着写着,又被扯开了。不过要介绍村上的笔风,也不知从何着手。可能这样是最妥当的吧!

Tea? Stop joking la.

I can't feel my tongue, or throat.

Finally tried Hagen Daaz.
I know, I know. But 10 ringgit for a one scoop ice cream is still quite ridiculous, ok? What? Lygon gelati also like that?
Ok, that's quite true.
Anyway, it was kinda disappointing. Don't get me wrong, it was a good ice cream. Yet I think the hype killed it.
It's like that girl you've never met but your friends keep saying 'Wah damn chun. Wah mou dak deng. Wah leng until can die!'
And when you finally get to see her: Chey!
The experience with the ground floor Wong Lou Kat herbal tea on the other hand, was far more interesting.
My face before the first sip: (-_-) After: ( * )

Sunday, June 25, 2006

KTM = Kennot Tahan, Man

Very WWII.

Well, it wasn't exactly my first time taking the KTM to KL. Just that it's like those painful memories you tend to erase and forget about.
Until you do it again, then they all come back to you.
Going there was alright, since I started all the way from the end of the world. Coming back was the pain in the ass, literally.
But yea, it was pretty foreign to say the least.
It pissed me off thinking that it took me 3 hours return trip to get to KL. With the same amount of time I could've gone to Melacca.
But then again, why would I go to Melacca?

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Malaysian Weatherman

Hey, Mister Weatherman, you're up next.

(Oh shit, oh shit. Forgot to do my fucking research yesterday. Let me see that weather screen, hmm, blue, green, red-oh fuck it! My head hurts from yesterday's soccer party.)


(SHUT UP! Shut. The. Fuck. Up! Aaargh. What should I say? Man, that Subang chick was hot. A bit slutty, but I can't be a chooser.)

You're in 30.

(NABEH! Aargh. I hate this job. What am I doing here anyway? I didn't even study geography! Ok, ok, what to say... what to say...)

Get in man, the sport is finishing.

(Shuush! FUCK! If only I didn't get trap in the rain just now. Rain. RAIN! That's it! Since it's been raining for the last week, I might as well just say it'll rain!)

You're in 10.

(Ok, ok. Showers during the day. Cloudy for the rest of the area. Expect thunderstorm during the evening.)

3, 2, 1...

(Damn, I'm good. I wonder if I've got my pants on?)

On air.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Furious Angels

Don't ask, the song just played in my head.

This photo is a bet.
I remember saying: eh, let's go pasar malam and take a photo of the crippled guy who might be fake and X replied: You crazy ah?
So I took that as an encouragement.
But yea, that was 6 months ago.
I don't know, maybe because I'm just home for a week compared to my normal 2 months, everything seems more nostalgic.
On the way back from the airport, I was trying to explain the awards to my father while my mom was on the phone discussing where to drop of her kuih's and pau's to her friend.

That was my confirmation of arrival.
Driving never felt this good: speeding in front of the hospital, u-turn when I'm not supposed to, honking horns whenever I want, pointing middle fingers...
Even walking in the rain seemed fascinating.
Wish you were here.

Survivor: MH0128

Row 64, the backest of back of the plane.

I hate America.
They invented Coke and McDonalds', which are partly responsible for my childhood gluttony and unhappiness.
'Dude, where's my car?' was made in America.
Most importantly, America take away friends like Maybelle away from Melbourne. She's going for an exchange.
Seriously, what's so good about America exchange programs? Bleh. Excuses. Everyone watches too much TV and just want to get laid there. They think the air is fresher, people are more friendly, moon is rounder etc. Bleh. I'm sure they're as bad as Australians.
It's sad actually. Which means most of the Melbourne students are the 'wanted to go US or UK but because not enough money or just not good enough to get into Harvard' kind of students. So they settled for the best uni in Australia, maybe it sounds more 'chim'.
Well, can't believe I'm actually quoting my father, he said, ' The best university sometimes produces the biggest losers.'
I guess I'm just angry that I might not see Maybelle again.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

And I thought it was going to be difficult

Missing men. Lots of them, mainly naked.

When I received the voucher, I said to myself, 'What am I going to buy for $250 in Jeans West? The whole shop?'
2 shirts, 2 sweaters, 2 jackets and a pair of black jeans later, turned out that you CAN'T buy the whole shop with $250.
I didn't know they sell suit/jacket, now I'm all set for the dress code of the awards night as well.
It says 'suit and equivalent' on the invitation.
What do you mean suit and equivalent? Maybe I should try to wear a dress with high heels and those pink fluffy things that tickle the neck. Then again it'd be more expensive.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

A world of 120 degrees

The eye of a lizard. Or something like that.

Getting interviewed was a very weird experience.
In retrospect, the whole process is to brag about your success, your achievement. But then again, you have to be cool about it.
There were a lot of codes and signs that hid in between, I can't quite remember now. Maybe I said something like 'this is the best thing that could happen to a student' when I meant ' getting nominated is better than what the whole university can offer me'.
You get the point.

Purchasing stuff from ebay was weird too.
It's like going through an HIV test. You spent a whole week imagining the worst possible thing that could happen: What if the camera doesn't come? What if it doesn't work? What if it's a scam? What if the post office fuck up?
And when you received the parcel, the worries just flew off your head: AIDS? Hahahaha! What was I thinking?
You get the point.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

On Japan's World Cup defeat

I have a theory.
Japan approached Australia at the early stages, saying that they're pretty confident of winning their first match.
Nevertheless they are still willing to consider 'not performing as well' if Australia would pay a healthy sum (shit loads) of money.
Of course, the Australians laughed their heads off.
And then just now, Japan actually took the lead. That's when Australia went: Oh shit. Shit. Shit. Erm. Let's pay the money.
Of course, since it's not 'clean' money. They need to use internet transaction. Untraceble stuff, you know, like student accounts.
You can just use dummy names and cancel them later, claiming that you've 'returned home'. The catch is, student accounts have $5000 limit for each transaction everyday.
So say the Japanese goverment demanded $10 billion. It'll take just about 80 minutes for 20 million Australians to log on and transfer $5000 over to the country of the rising sun.
Yea, so the $10 billion dollar got wired. They sent a signal to the referee, and he gave the Japanese captain a nod.
Hence the whole Japanese team decided to watch Australians play soccer and let them score 3 goals in 10 minutes.

Or maybe, the Japs are just too tired by the end.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Life's not all hee hee ha ha

Until the lights come back. I'll just stand here and scream.

A relatively interesting topic for a movie.
What would happen when Tokyo, the city of all cities experiences a major blackout? I think the word you're looking for, is 'fucked'.
Of course, in a commercialised movie world, reality doesn't matter. Relationship is the most important thing in life.
And the whole movie's just that.
It's like a Japanese version of Crash, but instead of racism it's an intertwined story of relationships.
I like it because, like Crash, it's not a happy happy film. Not everyone gets a second chance in love, and life.
A bit soppy, a bit 'can you just cut to the point' at some times, nonetheless it's still quite a gripping movie.

2 days after the end of my final 2nd semester

They all look the same, don't they?

Buy Canon digital cameras. The pictures always come out better than it looked in real life. Eg., all the food I've cooked so far.
Yet I've noticed, they all start to look the same. My Pad Thai here bears no colour difference with the chicken curry last week. Heh.
And oh, from the same folks who brought you '31 ways to make a girl smile', I present you 'Why girls cry':

They're Mad. They're Sad. They're Scared. They're Nervous. They're Frustrated. They're missing someone. They're Alone. They're PMSing. They're Pregnant. Their Heart Is broken. They're in love. Their souls have been torn. They met a boy they cant have. They fell in love with a boy. They hurt so bad inside.

So, a girl won't cry when their eyeballs've been dug out? Or say, their ears been cut off? Hmm. How about when they're 'chopping onions'? Why would you fucking cry when you're pregnant?
Another bullshit attempt to make dumb guys' lives a fiery living hell. Simply put: A girl cries, because she needs attention.
I hate these people trying to make every little thing 'romantic'. Why not 'Why girls have to shave their legs'?
I'm beginning to enjoy this friendster thingy.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Truly 'I just want to get this done'

And, of course, embarassment.

The given proposition of this Jeans West campaign is to say that 'it's ok to wear Jeans West'. I find that extremely patronising.

Nevertheless an assignment is still an assignment. Our idea is just to show normal consumers in their jeans on TV.

You buy a pair of jeans and you're intitled to get filmed. The clips are then stored on a website where you can download and edit them with a 'generator'. You make your own ads, you publish them and viewers can vote on them. The best self made ad will get aired on TV. That's about it. These clips I've got here is just an example or what you'd expect the feel and mood to be. Now I've got all the music stuck in my head. Argh.

Update: We actually got awarded the 'best presenters'. Well, the marketing director of Jeans West was there to assess us alongside the lecturers. My partner and I end up being the winners. And what did we win? $500 dollars worth of Jeans West voucher. Hmm.

Monday, June 05, 2006

She might not have a face

Now showing. At random times.

Across the side window of our apartment, we face another window of a room. There lives a female Homo Sapien.
We have no idea how she looks like. For the past 4 months we've only seen her back. Sometimes the flashes from her laptop.
We call her Suckles.
In fact, this whole 'movie poster' theme was just to cover up that we are sad inviduals perving on a stranger across the street.
But when the desperation gets going, the going gets desperate. We need to make up stories to gain warmth in this cold, numb, mindless world of apartment living. Plus she might be hot.
Suckles is no stranger. She's a part of our lives. We check on her everyday. Sometimes if we're lucky, she let's her blinds open for several hours. Suckles, if you're reading this, I apologize for the time we waved to you while holding knives in KKK costumes.

Smoke gets in your eyes

At least the colours are complementing.

I've forgotten the name. But I remember watching this Chinese movie starring Maggie Cheung and Kenny B long time ago.
Something about Kenny being a taxi driver while Maggie's hoping to marry someone rich. You know, like Romeo and Juliet.
Maggie had this English lesson with this Indian and she said 'Every Friday I eat curry chicken' in this Indian accent.
So whenever I cook curry now, the Indian accent will pop up in my mind. Not that I'm being racist or anything.
Anyhow, do you know the difference between green and red curry? Huh? Huh? Huh? Alright, clean your ears because I'm gonna let you in some of the lesser known fact:

Red curry is more spicy.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Things not to do before your exam

Feeling sentimental for your old friends. Bad for health.

Was semi-chatting to Moe yesterday.
Got some of her recent photos and one of them tickled my advertising bone. I decided to make a magazine cover out of it.
What I didn't realise, is that I'd be doing that a night before my Japanese listening and speaking test tomorrow.
I don't know. Really, this semester is just too much for me. I want to end this stupid course so much. Grrar!
Plus, making Japanesy magazine cover is kinda related to the language I guess. Hmm. Shut up. I was bored.

In space, no one can hear you scream. Alley also.

Feel like kung fu fighting.

Just when I thought there's nothing left in Melbourne for me to explore, I found this little alley in between Bourke and Lt. Bourke.
I don't know. I just felt something that I had to stop and take a picture of it. Very 'movie scene' if you know what I mean.
If I were to shoot a movie that consists of a rape scene, maybe this location would be perfect. But a bit too bright.
Fine, gang fights then. How's that?
A samurai fighting his ninja lover. Their bodies covered in blood. Chewing his cigarette, the samurai said 'I love you' , and chops off the ninja's head. Sigh. That was my favourite scene in X3.