Monday, July 31, 2006


Now I need to worry about reporters and my family and friends being bothered by paparazzi's. I so need a mask.

Where's Ah Wah Char Kuey Tiao?

Well, as an advertising student, I bring you the top 100 global brands of 2006. Yet there're still a couple that I've never heard of.
I still can't understand how Disney manage to stay on the list. Because, in a way, Pixar's supporting Disney now.
Their cartoons suck.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sydney Caption 1

"Why the FUCK did I agree to my parents' arranged marriage?"

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It's all coming back to me now

Actually, what happened to Celine Dion?

Only when I started cooking that I finally had the sense that I'm back in Melbourne. Everything seems real now.
I guess I miss chopping up the meat to release stress. But also I finally got to cook the ramen I always wanted to.
With new fried onions. And old Choy Sums.

It's over



Do I really want to reside permanently here?

I shall dedicated my 400th post to Australia.
Upon researching for my PR application, I was checking out the VETASSESS website. You know, to see if I can find a job that I could bullshit through the Australian government.
And you can clearly see the OVERWIEW of this whole organisation that assess professional skills.
Obtaining a visa to reside permanently in Australia made easy for the Chinese. OVERWIEW. OVERWIEW!
And they doubt our English and make us take stupid 250 dollar IELTS test when their VETASSESS website gives us OVERWIEW.
Check it out here. Let's see how long does it take for them to realise their website OVERWIEW.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Go Walkman!

Started watching '1 litre of tears'.
Trust me, I wasn't very excited. What kept me on was that my friend, cucumber looks like the lead male character.
(Fine, whatever excuse I use, I'm still sucked in the commercialised world of Japanese Drama. Hooooo! )
I think the whole purpose of this drama is to make the audience cry. You know, 'based on a true story' kind of stuff. Apparently almost everyone who's seen it told me it's a tear building drama. What, you really going to produce 1 litre of tears meh?
No, I will not cry. I'm at episode 9 so far. Haven't cried yet. Screw you, producers! Is that all you've got? Bring it on!
Meanwhile, this is my everyday conversation with X, who's sucked in the drama as well:

Me: Oh! Oh! Oh! New girl is HOT!
X: What, the one on the wheelchair?
Me: Yea, the one in the special school.
X: Haha. Your type.
Me: Yea, if she can talk normally.
X: Walkman got Style! Yao Yeng!
Me: Walkman Yeng!
Both: Hahahahah!

I think we have both entered the world of EFR. Escape From Reality, when we find fictional stuff more reliable than real life.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Yup, all they need is a face

It's been exactly a month since I've left from Melbourne to KL to London to KL to Melbourne to Sydney to Melbourne.
Now I feel extremely detached from everything around me. I guess, once uni starts everything will be fine.
Wait, uni starts Monday??!!
Anyway, yea, after waiting for my lugguage, I walked out of the gate, got on a cab, told him the address.

Cab driver: Swanston Street. Right. So, which exit should I take?

You know you can't feel your balls when the cab driver's never heard of Swanston Street. Or Uni Melbourne.
I was like, 'how the FUCK would I know? Do I look like a cab driver? Wait, that's YOUR god damn job!'
Then he started explaining that he's new and only started for a week and so and so. Pfft, so what? It's still your freakin' job!
But then I felt sorry. Maybe he has a PhD in aeronautical physics from India and life's just being tough.
In the end we took the only route he knew to the city and I had to direct him back to my own place.
Just let me say this once: Stupid Indian taxi drivers...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Cooler than ice

So, erm, no penguins?

I'd be lying if I say visitng Minus 5 wasn't the biggest highlight of my Sydney trip. What? Not Krispy Kreme, you say?
So yea, the whole bar is made out of ice and the temperature wasn't -5, mind you. It was -14 when we entered.
They dress you up with thick fur coats and gloves and shut you in a lounge for 30 minutes. You get a free cocktail.
I guess any more than 30 minutes you'd get hypothermia or pheumonia. Towards the end my nose and fingers hurt.
There's this device that hangs around your neck. When the time's up it starts blinking and vibrating.
It'd be interesting if you were short.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Where got?

Moved my London travel journal to a new blog.
Will try to keep it posted. I guess.

Houston, wa larva prabla gaahrhhh

I'm not sure about you, but I remember vividly that my high school teacher in physics sucks shit.
Till the extent that they have to replace him/her with another teacher that sucks even more shit that stinks. I think, in total we had like, 6 to 7 teachers replaced throught out the final 3 years of our highschool lives.
Anyway, I remembered one of them mentioning that if we expose our bare bodies to the vaccum of space, our bodies'd explode.
Another lie that followed me till the near conclusion of my uni life. NASA, on the other hand, gives their answer.
Be afraid. WoOoOoh.

Sydney Revolution

Ah, third time in Sydney.
No camera stolen, no heart broken. Just having my last vacation before my final semester starts.
I'm more relaxed here compared to London. Maybe it's the weather. Or, maybe it's just that I'm feverish.
So much time, yet so little things to do.
I like winter.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Jetlagged II


I've given up hope trying to sleep.
This ad won a silver in the D&AD awards. I remember sitting on the sofa watching it during the student awards exhibition.
Maybe it was because of the heat, maybe I was tired, maybe I was alone, or maybe the theatre system was pretty good.
I felt like crying.
It surprises me to read the comments in YouTube that most people felt happy when they watch this ad.
And looking back, it's just a very beautiful ad, nothing else. I remembered a guy from the review lecture saying that this ad doesn't say anything about the product. It makes you go 'hey, nice ad!', but not 'hey, nice product!'.
If you're wondering, the song is called 'Heartbeats' by Jose Gonzalez. Never heard of him, but the song made the ad.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Apparently I have to stay away from sunlight

Listening to the bullfrogs calling out for shag partners while food digests awkwardly in my stomach, I realized I’m extremely jetlagged. Ok, I lied. There're no bullfrogs in Klang anymore. Just me calling out for shag partners.
And at the same time, the consciousness of me having returned from London materializes with the insomnia.
Jetlag is sort of like getting drunk: You’re aware of what’s happening, but your body just reacts in a ‘Huh? What? How?’ kind of way. Just that it happens when you want to be sober.
Need to pack for my flight back to Melbourne tomorrow. And then I’m heading off to Sydney on Saturday.
I need a break from this break.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

While you were sleeping

Message by:
Chen Chiang


Wei! Got fuck any kuai mui in uk to comfort urself after spending a few thousand dollars for sitting at the last row in the hall looking at someone else winning the comp? in short, how is it? Call me when you get back k? bring the kuai mui along when we meet up if u happen to accidentally pick back one from uk

Very touching, Chiang.
But next time, make sure my mother is not using the number when you send me more encouraging messages.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Guardian, 30/06
'Beckham brings team to orbit.'

Guardian, 01/07
'Lampard explains why we will win.'

Metro, 02/07
'The whole world cries.'

Metro 03/07
'Rooney: I'll split him in half.'

Times, 04/07
'Travel heat hell. 41 in tube, 42 in buses.'

Explains what've been going on here, I guess. But I saw an article which cracked me up so much in the cafe.
'Keira Knightly appearing for POTC2: Dead man's chest. Her dress might be an intentional visual pun of the movie's name, or possibly isn't.' She's wearing a cleavage revealing dress.
MSN: (y)

Saw? You saw what?

Doctor, why can't I eat corn huh?

Seriously, what are they gonna do this time?
Nazi training camp? I mean, geez, we get the point. There're sick people out there, ok. Why keep making disturbing movies?
Then again, I've never watched any of them.
Do you know that the first one was made by RMIT graduates? Hey hey, even in London I can teach you something.
But yea. Go, blood. Woo hoo!

Watching this in 2 hours time

Not Blue Bird enough liao.

At one stage I thought that The Blue Man Group is just something Intel made up for their advertisements.
But yea, figured that since I'm in London I should watch some musicals. And there were a hell lot to choose from.
But I'm just not cultured enough for Les Miserables or Mary Poppins or Billy Elliot or something like that.
Well, they did have Lion King but I wanted to watch something that's never been to Melbourne before.
Now how come I have this strange tingling sensation that it'll show in Melbourne once I get back?
Went the the official TKTS booth and bought the half price ticket. It still cost £22.50. Ok already lah. 1/10 of my cash prize.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Wet and wild

No, it hasn't been raining.
It's my sweat pouring all over.
So happens that London's going through a 5 day heat wave. NMPKCCB! Hot like hell! And this is the best part:
The tube has no ventilation.
Just walking around makes me feel like I'm being punished for doing something really wrong in my past lives.
Oh, and if you're wondering, I can only post short posts because I'm always online for half an hour in this internet cafe.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hey, I'm trying to walk here

Seriously, London needs to do something about their traffic lights: It goes green for 10 seconds and red for 2 minutes.
I'm cool because I'm a tourist. I wonder how the normal London people cope with it. It takes like, 5 minutes to completely cross a two way street. Jaywalking is king.
Maybe it's the government's conspiracy to sell cars.
Which explains why I'm seeing the most ferarri's, mini's, bmw's, lambo's, porche's in my entire fucking life.