Friday, January 12, 2007


Mom, the Nintendo Wii is completely sold out.

This is one of those movies which you can't put a finger on its intention. Simply because, there are so many ways of doing so.
I knew I was going to develop a bias towards this movie once I discovered Tokyo was part of the story plot.
To relate the movie with its title, it's about God's attempt to confuse the previously uniformed language of humanity.
Or to sum it up: Brad Pitt had a really bad day.
It's about social stereotypes. It's about the failure to communicate with each other. It's about political stance. It's about the love of parents. It's about coping with death. It's about as real as it gets.
Why is it R rated? Young boy peeping at his own sister taking a shower with her permission; Young boy masturbates while his older brother plays with a rifle; young deaf girl without underwear licking her dentist; and a chicken got its neck snapped off.
You get the idea. Watch it.