Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Familiarity has a smell

So I was on my flight back to Melbourne.
When I thought I could have 3 seats to myself, this Chinese couple had to rush in last minute and crush my short lived dream.
And then hell began.
From 9.15pm when we took off till 10.30pm landing, they never stopped talking. Ok, they never stopped talking LOUDLY.
The guy on the window seat opposite the other aisle was eyeing them the whole way. And just because I'm also Chinese, he gave me a 'it's all your fault' look.
The best part is, I could understand ALL their Cantonese. I couldn't even try to zone out even if I tried.
Here's another cracker, they are having an affair. Apparently they are discussing about how to break the news to the 'husband'.
I don't know about you. Even if I were cheating on my wife, and I happen to be in Mongolia, I'd still keep my mouth shut.
After they talked about the 'husband', they continue bitching about their entire family. From the cousin's son's car till the maid's butt crack, they just cannot stop.
It was fucking annoying. To top it up, they were butt ugly. It was painful to imagine them having an affair.
Meanwhile the guy at the window seat still thinks I'm with them. With the constant 'Can't you do anything? They're your friends. I want to sleep!' I wanted peel off their eyelids so badly.
To end things in a lighter note, before the plane took off the captain went on the intercom and looked for a Mr. Jackie Chan.
He didn't turn up for the flight.
And I am not a women hater.