Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I was robbed by two men

Notice although half of it was cropped, my face still took up the most space.

Dai-jou-bu. Na-tzu-ka-shi. Sa-mui.
Repeat these in a high pitch voice constantly, and you get a hang of the sound effects of our lives for the past week.
Satoyo have left abruptly just as they've came. And to think we're just looking at Japanese lessons on YouTube yesterday.
Our favourite:

So what have we learned from this visit of our friends from Japan? It's in the photo above. Happiness? Friendship? No, it's 'Super Savings on Dunlop Tyres!'
Parky and I are quite sad that we can't hear repeatedly high pitched Japanese anymore. So we imitated them from time to time. We had our very little own farewell party:

Also, welcome back Omar.