Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I tend to visit bookshops whenever I travel. I don't know, maybe I want to confirm that my favourite books are sold everywhere.
I have, however, a problem with the travel books. Enter Lonely Planet, introducing Fodor's, Frommers, Let's Go, and the lot.
If you somehow pay attention, each bookshop will have the most of their own country's travel guide in stock.
Sydney will have a whole rack of Travel Sydney guides, Tokyo will have Tokyo, New York ,New York. (Except for Singapore. It's too small to have its own Lonely Planet guidebook. Lonely Planet features Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei all in one. Buy one get two free!)
Ok, first off, travel books aren't real. Real people don't look like the people in travel books. The food looks better, colours are more saturated, and they always 'forget' to include photos of crowded tourists, armpit hairs, and that guy who spits on your knees.
Second, what the fuck are you, especially travelers, doing reading in a bookshop about traveling instead of actually traveling?
Maybe it's like Playboy, the bush and mountain seem better in photographs. You can bring them wherever you want.