Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Showing on Valentine's day.

I thought the 3rd one was bad enough.
But I have to confess, that I watched the first one on SBS on new year's eve. In fact, I skipped the fireworks on channel 10.
I'm not sure what's with men and cars.
Take Top Gear for instance. We don't need the cars featured on the show. Heck, we can't afford the wheels featured on the show.
Yet, strangely, most guys are fond of it. Even Parky follows it on SBS. (although he does watch anything on TV.)
Maybe it's like how woman will keep buying Vogue magazine and drool on the dresses and shoes on it.
That's the shitty thing being a woman. Even if they could afford the shoes or dress, they need to have the figure or height to match.
And it's unfair. They don't have a 'gadgets' department to get all excited about. Well, for my mom, maybe a microwave oven. Or an ultra 8 way curling hair dryer. But that's the thing, it's still not like a 'boy toy' that goes up to 300, 000 pounds. And their gadgets are still objects to make them look or feel good.
Whereas for men, who the hell cares how you look like when you can afford a Porsche 911, or Mercedes McLaren?
It's not a matter of 'Hmm, do I look fat on this Mercedes?' It's more like 'I'm gonna walk away with your girlfriend tonight.'