Thursday, January 18, 2007

Where's the knife

According to this shitty advertising book I've got from some corner of my room, at the beginning of the third millennium the UK government suggested the following customer group classification. Despite it being rejected by marketers, let's have a look anyway:

Class 1 The Queen and owners of large companies.
Class 2 Company executives, managers of more than 25 people.
Class 3 Doctors, lawyers, scientists, teachers, librarians, insurance underwriters and computer engineers.
Class 4 Policemen, nurses, fire fighters, prison officers.
Class 8 Businessmen, newsagents, garage owners.
Class 9 Brick layers, driving instructors, TV engineers.
Class 12 Shop assistants, telephone operators, taxi drivers.
Class 13 Assembly line workers, cleaners and waiters.
Class 15 Skilled unemployed.
Class 16 Unemployed - previously worked.
Class 17 Unemployed, no skills - never worked.

Who wants to guess which class I belong to?
Yea, I feel like slashing some rabbit's ears off.