Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dead man's chest

From Vogue, I think.

Ok, so if I'm attracted to her face, and realised she has a less attractive chest than I do, does that mean I'm attracted to pretty boys? Should I avoid Thailand at all cost?
But yea, there's something about this picture that makes me go 'awww' and 'ewwww' at the same time.
But you've got to be impressed with Keira, she didn't give in to breast surgery. She insisted her flat chest with dignity.
I guess, if she does go through surgery, it'll be obvious and there's no other way round to explain it.
She can't do the Britney Spears and say 'it's just hormones'. She can't do the Christina Aguilera because she's not a singer.
But yea, she is the typical dilemma of men. One that makes your girlfriend ask you: so would you prefer a hot face or a hot body?
Which under all cases you should always answer: you.