Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Empty highway

I was waiting for a red light.
This white collar Indian dude opened his Camry car door abruptly and put his head forward. I was expecting a spit.
Instead he took out a pencil and started sharpening it.
It was absurd. Yet, so 'as a matter of fact'.
Klang is a busy town after all.

Met up with my primary school mates.
Saw a picture when we were 8. Now that's a different type of absurdity. I looked so annoyingly happy.
And I find most of the little girls... cute.
At 2am, I realised I'm spending my last night in Klang in nostalgia. I'm so going to miss the unaustralian-ness of this place.
And the friends whom I can still pick where we'd left off the last time although we haven't seen each other for ages.